Sharing our culture

El Horno
A unique space in Santa Tecla to share not only our beautiful office but also to
share best practices, our love for language, reading and writing.
El Horno is also
a revenue generator for us as we rent space to other organizations and
freelancers for work and events.

Follow us on social media for upcoming events like book clubs, workshops, and
Contact and check out El Horno for your big ideas.

Club de libros calientes

This is not your same old book club. The Club de Libros Calientes (Hot
Books Club) is a gathering of book lovers hosted once a month to share
recommendations, what we’re reading and even swap books. Readers of
all types of genres come to participate in a community of readers, based
on the belief that if we see others doing something, we are more likely to
do it ourselves.
We think reading definitely deserves to more attention
and more visibility!

Follow un on social media to see what we’re reading and the next time we
meet! New readers are always welcome.

Chispitas de lectura

We share the joy of reading with children from nearby schools in El
Horno. These “chispitas” (little sparks) visit us once a week with their
teachers to read our children’s books and listen to a read aloud by a
We believe in inspiring young readers to “read by reading” in a
special place, like El Horno.

If you are interested in a reading or writing activity with a group of
students in El Horno, contact Anne Ruelle at