Reimagining incarceration

We believe that incarceration—whether jail, prison, or juvenile detention—should
be an opportunity for reflection and rehabilitation,
not just punitive punishment.
We know that most perpetrators of violence began as victims, and most victims
as witnesses. That’s why our work addresses trauma while developing life skills
to ensure successful re-entry into society, family and work.

Soy Autor

A unique writing program that serves the most vulnerable population in the world: youth in
conflict with the law in El Salvador. Authors learn to read as writers as they draft, revise,
illustrate and publish their own memoirs. In the process, they develop the socio-emotional
skills needed to navigate their surroundings.

Watch their stories

In 2013, in partnership with the USA’s International Narcotics and Law Enforcement (INL), ConTextos launched the Soy Autor writing program in public schools and afterschool centers in areas plagued by gang violence.

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Our authors write about parenthood and family, journeys and loss, resilience and relationships. Their unique
stories show us the complexity of each individual while inviting us to make connections with our own experiences.

Sharing their stories is key to creating a more welcoming society for authors who are ready to change their lives.


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the Soy Autor program:

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