The Purpose of schooling

We believe the purpose of schooling is to create well-rounded and positive
citizens, not just prepare for college and employment.
That’s why our work with
schools focuses on teachers as key components for lasting change, to create
learning environments that promote reflection and dialogue as the foundations
for emotional and professional success.

When schools fulfill this purpose, there’s no need for “re-insertion” after
because students are prepared to successfully transition from
their studies to citizenship

Soy Lector

We work directly with the school and its supporting community. We inspire and coach teachers to incorporate reading and writing strategies that encourage dialogue and critical thinking in their classrooms. Students and parents are engaged to transform their libraries into attractive, active and functional spaces.

You can support a school with an annual contribution of $5,000 for a period of three years. During that time, the school receives over 500 brand new books, shelves and materials to remodel their library, chairs and cushions to make it comfortable and beautiful, and 20 – 30 Kindle e-readers with a collection of over 250 titles of ebooks. Teachers participate in 5 workshops and exchanges each year and attend our Annual Teachers Conference, the only of its kind in El Salvador.

We started in 2011 with 3 schools and now we are in 80

Look at the map and the location of each school here.

Annual Teachers' Conference

ConTextos's Annual Teachers' Conference is a unique experience in El Salvador, before ConTextos, these events didn't exist were or very limited.

the objective of this event is to sustain and strengthen the network of teachers who have been part of ConTextos's training in schools, community centers, city halls or insertion centers. Teachers manage to see themselves as professionals and share with each other experiences and challenges that are present in their profession.

The annual teachers' conference takes part at a perfect time to give closure to the year and reward the talent and effort they’ve given to their classroom every day while at the same time inspire them to keep growing and acknowledge them as professionals in education.

Every year since 2014 ConTextos has given awards to celebrate and recognize the excellent educational quality of El Salvador and the generosity of our donors and partners.Since 2016 the teachers have become ConTextos donors as well by creating a special fund delivered to the winner of “El Mango Dorado” to amplify and implement innovative projects in the schools.

Quality and Innovative Resources

We know that resources alone don’t make a difference, but we’ve witnessed the total excitement of kids, parents and teachers the first time they open a box of new books.

We work to select the most amazing collection of children’s books for our schools. We provide a core collection of 126 titles like The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Great Kapok Tree, The Rainbow Fish, all translated into Spanish. In the third year of programming, schools receive between 20 – 30 Kindles with a collection of 250 titles.

Municipal Libraries

We work with municipalities to create spaces and programs that are open to the community and numerous nearby schools. Here is where we’ve worked so far:

2011 - 2012

BIT – Biblioteca Infantil Tecleña

In collaboration with the US Embassy, ConTextos and the architecture firm Cinco Patas al Gato worked with the municipality to create the very first public library of its kind. The Municipality of Santa Tecla continues to manage the library at a new location, using what they learned from ConTextos.

2014 - 2015

Nuevo Cuscatlán

ConTextos provided books for the very first children’s library in Nuevo Cuscatlán. We also gave one year trainings to the new librarians, who now run the library on their own.

2015 - Present


In collaboration with FONDESOY, ConTextos has helped develop a children’s library in one of the most dangerous municipalities in the country. We’re training their librarians and coaching them on activities for the more than 10 schools within walking distance. Soon, they will pioneer the use of 24 Kindles in their municipality.

Soon, with FONDESOY’s continued support, we will start a second library to benefit students and the community of Prados de Venecia.

2016 - Present

Mercado Cuscatlán

After seeing our work in Nuevo Cuscatlán, the Municipality of San Salvador put us in charge of children’s book selection and staff training in this innovative library. They’re the first in the country to include Kindles with ebooks in a public library!

Training literacy leaders

We work with partner organizations in Central America to train their staff and build capacity to incorporate literacy practice in their programs. Starfish One-by-One in Guatemala and Un Mundo in Honduras have both benefited from our consulting on literacy best practices.

Sharing across borders enriches our mission as we spread the culture of reading, writing and dialogue.
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